Our Mission

The company's mission is to help our clients meet their rising energy demand with comprehensive clean energy solutions. We are actively developing projects in the United States and internationally for major commercial and government power users, real estate investors, and utilities. NEV is engaged in the accelerated deployment of solar energy PV systems throughout North America on both a turnkey basis, where the property host or another energy off-taker owns the system, and on a PPA basis where NEV and partners will develop, own and operate the system.

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Company Values


Business model based upon sound business fundamentals, but with the flexibility and adaptability to change as the market dynamics require.

Triple Bottom Line

Strive to establish strong business relationships with all stakeholders with the dual objectives of maximizing company profits and integrating social and environmental goals.


Adhere to a policy of high ethical behavior, personal integrity, and full disclosure to all strategic partners to foster an environment of cooperation and open communication.



NEV is involved in a substantial number of high profile social venture solar development projects. These projects are focused in areas with low economic development. Our high profile climate adaptation projects prove the social and business benefits of a bottom-up creation of climate wealth.

Poverty and climate change are the two great challenges of the 21st century. Our responses to them will define our generation, and because they are linked to each other, if we fail on one, we fail on the other.
— Lord Nicholas Stern, Economist